Air sacs, inflammation Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Mycoplasmosis
Balance disorders Salmonellosis, Paramyxovirus infection , Streptococcus infection
Breast, blueish Oxigen deficit caused by a respiratory disease or by insufficient loft ventilation; feed mixture too high in protein
Breastbone, deformation of the Rickets = see Annual prevention plan - Young pigeons
Breath, short of Salmonellosis (organic form), Ornithosis, Mycoplasmosis
Breathing rapid Aspergillosis
Canker Trichomoniasis
Condition, general, impaired Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis , Young Bird Sickness
Conjunctivitis, bilateral Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Haemophilus Catarrh
Conjunctivitis, unilateral Ornithosis
Consumption, complete Worm Infestation, Tuberculosis
Crop mucosa, swollen Young Bird Sickness, Trichomoniasis
Crop puffy Young Bird Sickness
Crop, sour, water-filled Young Bird Sickness, Candida infection (Trush), crop oclusion by foreign bodies
Debility Coccidiosis, E.coli infection, Hexamitiasis, Staphylococcus infection
Diarrhoea, bloody Hexamitiasis, Salmonellosis, E.coli infection, Worm infestation, Coccidiosis (high grade)
Diarrhoea, greenish Salmonellosis
Diarrhoea, malodorous Hexamitiasis, Coccidiosis
Diarrhoea, muco-aqueous Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Hexamitiasis, Salmonellosis, E.coli infection, Coccidiosis (medium grade)
Diarrhoea, rice water-like Hexamitiasis
Disorder, systemic E.coli infection, Streptococcus infection
Down moulting, cessation Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Droppings, formed but in puddles Paramyxovirus infection
Droppings, mucoid in yellow-green puddles Young Bird Sickness
Droppings, soft Coccidial infestation, Worm infestation, Stress
Droppings, sourish-smelling Trichomoniasis
Droppings, wet Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Stress, Trichomoniasis , Hexamitiasis, Coccidiosis
Eggs, poor hatchability Salmonellosis
Eggs, thin shells Deficit of calcium and/or vitamin D and/or phosphorus
Elbow joint, thickening Salmonellosis
Emaciation, acute (going light) E.coli infection, Young Bird Sickness, Coccidiosis
Enteritis, acute Hexamitiasis, Salmonellosis, E.coli infection, Coccidiosis
Eye discharge, watery Salmonellosis, E.coli infection, Mycoplasmosis
Eyelid, swollen Infectious Catarrh, Trichomoniasis
Eyelids, severe swelling Haemophilus Catarrh
Feather formation, inadequate Ectoparasites (feather lice), Nutritional deficits
Feather-pulling Ectoparasites, Deficit of protein and/or calcium, Candida infection (Trush)
Feathers, loss of Ectoparasites (body mange mites)
Feed intake, increased Worm Infestation
Feed intake, reduced Trichomoniasis , Hexamitiasis, Coccidiosis, E.coli infection
Fly, reluctance Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis , Young Bird Sickness
Growth retardation, nestlings Trichomoniasis , Salmonellosis, Candida infection (Trush)
Joint, swollen Salmonellosis, Gout
Lacrimal sac, bulging of the Haemophilus Catarrh
Laryngeal deposits, whitish yellow Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Leg joint, thickening Salmonellosis, Gout
Leg paralysis Salmonellosis, Paramyxovirus infection
Listlessness Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis , Coccidiosis
Mortality, nestlings Streptococcus infection, Trichomoniasis
Movements, twisting Paramyxovirus infection , Salmonellosis
Mucus (beak), stringy Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Nasal discharge, aqueouse Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Nasal discharge, mucopurulent Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis , Mycoplasmosis
Nasal discharge, yellowish brown Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Neck, torsion of the Salmonellosis, Paramyxovirus infection , Streptococcus infection
Nervousness Ectoparasites
Newcastle Disease Paramyxovirus infection
Nictitating membrane, inflammation Haemophilus Catarrh
Nose scratching Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Nose wattle, grey Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Overturning Paramyxovirus infection
Paratyphus Salmonellosis
Performance, rapid reduction Young Bird Sickness, Salmonellosis
Performance, reduced Infectious Catarrh, Trichomoniasis , Coccidiosis
Plumage, puffed-up Coccidial infestation, Worm infestation
Plumage, rough Worm infestation, Ectoparasites
Proliferations, scabby Pigeon Pox
Rattling Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Mycoplasmosis , Trichomoniasis
Respiration, difficulty in Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis , Herpesvirus infection
Respiratory murmurs Infectious Catarrh, Mycoplasmosis , Trichomoniasis
Restlessness Ectoparasites
Rickets see Annual prevention plan - Young pigeons
Salmonella typhi murium The causative organisms which produce Salmonellosis in pigeons.
Septicaemia Bacterial infections (E.coli, Streptococcus)
Sneezing Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Throat mucosa, reddening Trichomoniasis , Young Bird Sickness, Infectious Catarrh
Throat mucosa, white to grey dots Salivary stones (Sialoliths)
Throat mucosa, yellow dots Trichomoniasis
Throat, swelling of the mucosa Trichomoniasis , Infectious Catarrh
Timidity Paramyxovirus infection
Tongue, greenish furring Aspergillosis
Umbilical abscess, squabs Trichomoniasis
Umbilical infection, squabs Trichomoniasis
Vitality, reduced Trichomoniasis , Worm infestation, Ectoparasites
Vomiting Young Bird Sickness, Worm infestation, Field poisening, Candida infection (Trush)
Walking backwards Paramyxovirus infection
Water intake, excessive Paramyxovirus infection , Coccidiosis
Water intake, increased see Wet Droppings, Hexamitiasis, E.coli infection
Water intake, reduced Infectious Catarrh
Weakness, nestlings Infectious Catarrh
Weight, loss of Hexamitiasis, Salmonellosis, Worm infestation, Trichomoniasis , Coccidiosis
White dots (throat) Salivary stones (Sialoliths)
Wind pipe (trachea), inflammation of Infectious Catarrh, Ornithosis, Trichomoniasis
Wing paralysis Salmonellosis
Yellow dots (throat) Trichomoniasis