300 miles  1st club /2nd concourse
500 miles  3rd combine

500 miles  1st club/3rd combine
212 miles  3rd club/8th concourse
181 miles  3rd club/4th concourse

2001  nd concourse Champion bird. OB243 miles  1st club /2nd concourse OB
500 miles  2nd club/10th concourse OB 500 miles  2nd club/9th concourse OB

Son of "Stan'98"


 Son of "Buffer"

1st National Marathon Ace Pigeon U.S.A.500 miles  1st combine600 miles  1st concourse/2nd combine (only 5 day birds)

265 miles  1st concourse/2nd combine 565 p.
310 miles  4th concourse/6 combine 579 p.

213 miles  1st combine   594 p.

Daughter of "Little giant"

Son of "Stan '98" (Full brother of "Little Giant")

Daughter of "Ole Ole"

295 miles   1st club/13th combine  624 p
310 miles   5 concourse/7 combine 579 p
500 miles   3rd club/12th concourse

2002  2nd concourse Champion bird OB185 miles 6th/213 miles 6th/500 miles 12th/600 miles 1st)600 miles  1st combine (only 3 day birds)
185 miles  1st club

125 miles 2nd
212 miles 1st club/6th combine 860 p.

Daughter (Daughter of "Little giant")

Granddaughter of "Little giant"

Son of "Ole Ole"

416 miles   1st club/6th concourse 269 p.
500 miles  5th club/12th concourse 178 p.

243 miles  1st concourse/6th combine 596 p.

243 miles  1st club /3rd concourse 341 p.

Son of "Stan '98" 

Son of "Stan '98" 

AU01OVC0214 BB Cock
600miles 7th concourse/14th combine 304p.
500 miles 1st club/11th combine 424 p.
600 miles 2nd club//12th combine 225 p.

AU01OVC0249 BB Cock
125 miles 3rd club/21st combine 788 p.
600 miles 2nd concourse/5th combine 304p.
500 miles 3rd club